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Datapoint U.S.A., Inc.
14439 NW Military Hwy
Suite 108 #455
San Antonio, Texas 78231
tel:   +1.210.614.9977
fax: +1.210.614.2297

A Proven Solutions Provider
When it comes to experience and a proven history of innovative products and solutions to networking problems, DatapointUSA is a leader.

We can provide the products to maximize your business technology
Technology Advisors Empowering Business

provides solutions that allow network operating systems to exchange information and share resources.

The RMS Operating System supports Intel and AMD servers from a variety of vendors in one or more processor configurations.
RMS includes support for many new peripherals along with a wide variety of enhancements for networking, web interaction, and system performance.

For specific inquiries about current and future products, please click here.

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