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Datapoint U.S.A., Inc.
14439 NW Military Hwy
Suite 108 #455
San Antonio, Texas 78231
tel:   +1.210.614.9977
fax: +1.210.614.2297

Let Us Help you with all your computer needs. Whether you simply want what you have to perform efficiently or you are thinking of expanding your systems,

Our Services Include...
  • Consultation and support
  • Custom and integration programming
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Adding and configuring software and hardware components
  • Adding remote access to your systems
  • Networking your systems together
  • Providing internet access
  • Data backup, security and virus protection
  • Maintaining your systems
Support Service Categories
Services consist of "Basic Support Services" which are provided as part of every support agreement, and "Additional Support Services", which provide for optional services based upon your requirements. The scope of the services provided is defined within a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is customized to reflect your specific requirements.

Basic Support Services

These services are defined in a standard SLA. To receive these services, an active support contract must exist and you must have a valid Software License Agreement for the products to be supported.

Basic support services are provided by DatapointUSA's own Systems Support group. This group provides assistance with operational and/or administrative issues. This group is available via telephone or e-mail.

Support Service Hours
Basic support services are available Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, and on Friday, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon (Central Time) except for holidays.

A toll-free number is available to subscribers of support services.

Additional Support Services
Additional support services can be added to the scope of services provided by the basic SLA. One or more of the following services could be added:
  • Extended Telephone Support Coverage
    Extended telephone support coverage beyond the normal operating hours is available
  • Preventative Maintenance
    A program of Preventative Maintenance can be defined and tailored to your needs.
  • Housekeeping
    A program of system backups can be defined, tailored and scheduled to your specific needs.
  • System Audits
    A program of periodic system health checks can be tailored to your specific needs. The usual purpose of these audits is to monitor system performance and capacities and to pro-actively correct potential issues.
  • On-Site Consultancy / Support Services
    These services can be provided on an ad-hoc, or scheduled basis. The services provided can address such topics as fault analysis, system optimization and system re-engineering. Consultancy on a wide range of systems and technical topics is available.
  • System Administration
    For systems where there is no on-site System Administrator, we can provide administrative service via remote access to the user's system. This service is only available by prior negotiation.
  • Training
    Tailored courses based upon specific requirements can be developed. These courses can cover all aspects of maintenance, operation and administration all of which can be conducted at the DatapointUSA facility or at the user's location.
  • Application Support
    These services can be provided and allow for maintenance and debugging efforts associated with existing applications, application development for existing applications or the development of new application interfaces can be provided by our Software Development Group.

    This group would define the scope of the work to be performed and the associated charges.
Pre-Booked Services
The Pre-Booked Services options are available to obtain favorable development and support rates for services outside the services defined in an active support agreement.

If you would like to discuss your support requirements further, please contact us by telephone, or submit an inquiry.

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